The Right Flea Medication for Your Dog

It is inevitable for dogs to be infested by fleas from time to time, but what matters most is how you handle your dog's hygiene and control fleas when you spot them. It is a serious concern that many dog owners are faced with, especially during warm seasons, but with the right techniques, fleas cease to be a stressful issue. See more on  flea and tick medication for dogs.
Whenever you spot a single flea on your dog, you ought to take serious precautions promptly to prevent an outbreak that is more difficult to deal with and could last many months before being under full control. The two things that you must do when you notice fleas are; buying ideal flea medication and stepping up your hygiene standards around the areas where dogs visit.

There are different forms of flea medicine, for example, sprays, powders, and dips. The best kind of medicine you require for your dog is one which deals with not only live fleas, but also flea eggs and larvae. This will give you a better control of the situation because it sabotages the larvae and eggs limiting the flea population.
Sprays and dips are the best forms of flea medication because they soak the fleas in medicine and kill larvae, but they are the most hated by dogs since they are uncomfortable. They are also very toxic and should be handled with extreme care to avoid causing harm to your dog. Powders only deal with live fleas and are safer options. However, when dogs shake themselves or come into contact with water the powder can be gotten rid of. Also, when they scratch, they may throw the fleas off their bodies, and this could give them a chance to survive. This makes this method require more consistent efforts to control fleas. Learn more on PetAction.

Again, other than fleas, you may also have to deal with lice and other parasites that may want to be hosted by your dog. In the market, there are flea medicines which deal with multiple types of these enemies in one pack, rather than investing in several medications which can be dangerous handling, mainly when you have kids around.
Even with the best flea medicine, if you are not able to clean up thoroughly, you will have a recurrence every so soon. Fleas hide and lay eggs everywhere the dogs exist thus you should get rid of them in those areas too. A steam vacuum for your furniture and carpets, hot wash for your dog rags, spray for your dog's kennel, and burning any dirt collected from the areas where dogs hang around the most to kill fleas will do the magic for you. Learn more at